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Image by Shelley Pauls


If you have items for consignment or auction,

or you wish to sell them outright, email your name,

city, a contact phone number and photo(s), if possible,


You may also call us at (609) 928-SELL (7355) to let us know what you have and to discuss rates and terms.  We are happy to help!

Remember it is in our best interest to get you top dollar for your merchandise because we make our money from commissions earned!  You must agree not to sell or remove any property from any premises once consigned.






We can help you clear your property.  Many people need their premises cleaned out in anticipation of an open house, right after an Estate Sale or before a house closing. Please call us to discuss how we can help.




Cleanouts and consignments are available for barns, garages, house or business contents or single rooms. 

Items you wish to consign can also be picked up for a fee depending on distance traveled, packing options, size/weight and manpower needed. 

All items for consignment must be pre-approved. 
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